Costa Rica Volcano


When talking about places in the tropics it’s quite standard to use the word “Heavenly.”

Having said that –  Life in Arenal, Costa Rica comes close. Many people chose a day on the beach, but for me a day in Arenal is perfect.

This tropical paradise sits at the base of the Arenal Volcano, and Lake Arenal.

Besides breathing in the fresh mountain air one of the best things to do is spend the day at the hot springs. The hot springs are like no other hot springs in the world. It’s almost like an adult Disneyland. There are hot pools scattered up the hill, including water slides and swim up bars.

If you’re looking for a little adventure instead, Arenal has one of the first and greatest zip lines. It’s so big and safe, even former President George Bush (the first) went zip lining there.

Hot Springs baths. Ziplines.


Why leave?

A Swim Up Bar


There’s something unique about a pool with a swim up bar. Anytime you can stay in the water in your bathing suit without getting out for your drink is a good thing.

Here are five amazing swim up bars.

1) Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa, Viti Levu, Fiji







2) Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa, Gold Coast







3) Kivotos Club Hotel, Mykonos








4) Hotel Punta Islita — Costa Rica







5) ClubHotel Riu Negril — Jamaica








Follow Your Dreams

I love stories of people following their passions and dreams for the tropics.

Bob and Melinda Blanchard are one of those people. They moved to the island of Anguilla and opened a restaurant. Their book, “A Trip to the Beach” is a great book about their experiences. Their new book, “Live What You Love” talks about their philosophy in greater depth.

What I love about their story is not only did they pursue their dreams of opening a restaurant in the islands, and accomplished it, they’re sharing their experiences with others. They have an online show where they investigate and interview people following their own dreams.

If you want a bit of inspiration in moving forward – check out their show or books.


Buffett – Live in Anguilla

I’ve been fortunate to see Jimmy Buffett live a number of times, in big venues and small.

Most recently, I saw him in Boston at a Charity Event in a small club. That was an amazing show.

Still, I think nothing would beat seeing Buffett live on the beach. I’ve always been a fan of his “Live in Anguilla” album. Seeing video from the show, I just think that no concert could beat that concert.

Besides Jimmy playing for you on your own tropical island, what would be your ideal Buffett concert?


Where is St. Somewhere?


The phrase “St. Somewhere was first mentioned in Jimmy Buffett’s song – “Boat Drinks.” – “I Gotta Fly to St. Somewhere.”

I always took it to mean he does’t care where he goes in the islands – just somewhere warm. Whether it’s St. Barts. St. Thomas, St. John, St. Kitts or St. Kitts – he’s just gotta get on that plane and travel!

Last year I started a Facebook page – “South of St. Somewhere” which has daily pictures and quotes from the tropical life.

So it was quite a surprise when I found out that Jimmy Buffett’s new album is called “Songs from St. Somewhere.”

This blog is not an official Buffett blog. This is just one fan who’s enthusiastic about the tropics.

More than anything I like to think St. Somewhere is a place anywhere. Similar to how Buffett describes “Margaritaville” – St. Somewhere is anywhere you want it to be.

Where’s your “St. Somewhere?”