Book Review: BumFuzzle

Have you ever wanted to escape your life? Buy a sailboat and travel the world? This book is about a couple who actually did just that. Even more amazing, they had no deep sailing experience prior to leaving. They just bought a boat, up and left.

Not only is it an inspirational story, it’s a great read.

I’ve read a lot of traveling and sailing books, but I like about this one is that you really feel like you’re on the boat with them, as they go around the world over the course of a few years.

If you need a book for your next vacation this one is highly recommended!

Follow Your Dreams

I love stories of people following their passions and dreams for the tropics.

Bob and Melinda Blanchard are one of those people. They moved to the island of Anguilla and opened a restaurant. Their book, “A Trip to the Beach” is a great book about their experiences. Their new book, “Live What You Love” talks about their philosophy in greater depth.

What I love about their story is not only did they pursue their dreams of opening a restaurant in the islands, and accomplished it, they’re sharing their experiences with others. They have an online show where they investigate and interview people following their own dreams.

If you want a bit of inspiration in moving forward – check out their show or books.