New Summer Discoveries

Our director, Todd, is sharing his newest summer discoveries – from music to books and, of course, a new favorite drink!

What I’m listening to: Aaron Scherz’s “Waves”
Do you ever have one of those songs that you listen to again and again and never get tired of? Aaron’s songs “Waves” is like that for me. Like most new Tropical music discoveries, I first heard Aaron’s music at Kelly McGuire’s Lighthouse Court during “Meeting of the Minds” in Key West last year. The song quickly became my anthem that entire week. Making a film is a rollercoaster of emotions. Some days are hard, some bring a high. While his song is about the high and low emotions of a relationship post-breakup, I personally think of it as the highs & lows of making a film. And that week, in particular, was one of the highs.
What I’m Reading –Tales from the Land of No Mondays” by Jim Morris & Dan Sullivan
It’s no secret that the music of Jim Morris is one of the biggest inspirations for the film. Jim’s untimely passing robbed us all of many hours of new music, but it also robbed us of new novels. I remember conversations with Jim about a novel he was writing. I couldn’t wait to read it. Sadly that was not meant to be. Dan Sullivan, however, has picked up the mantle with “Tales from the Land of No Mondays.” The book is a narrative of Jim’s songs. It’s an entertaining and wonderful book in its own right. For those that know Jim’s songs, it’s even better, as it’s like reading the stories of his music come to life. According to the forward, the book cites over eighty of Jim’s songs throughout the narrative!  If you enjoy stories of Key West, Tropical music, and well-drawn and entertaining characters, you should do yourself a favor and check out the book.
What I’m Drinking: Strawberry Gin & Tonic
I am not a “Gin Guy.” At all. However, I was recently introduced to Strawberry gin. It’s called “Puerto de Indias” and it comes from Spain. Served with tonic and a healthy dose of fresh cut strawberries, it’s a refreshing summer afternoon drink. It’s so good it converted me to a Gin fan!

What about you? What are your favorite summer discoveries?