Where is St. Somewhere?


The phrase “St. Somewhere was first mentioned in Jimmy Buffett’s song – “Boat Drinks.” – “I Gotta Fly to St. Somewhere.”

I always took it to mean he does’t care where he goes in the islands – just somewhere warm. Whether it’s St. Barts. St. Thomas, St. John, St. Kitts or St. Kitts – he’s just gotta get on that plane and travel!

Last year I started a Facebook page – “South of St. Somewhere” which has daily pictures and quotes from the tropical life.

So it was quite a surprise when I found out that Jimmy Buffett’s new album is called “Songs from St. Somewhere.”

This blog is not an official Buffett blog. This is just one fan who’s enthusiastic about the tropics.

More than anything I like to think St. Somewhere is a place anywhere. Similar to how Buffett describes “Margaritaville” – St. Somewhere is anywhere you want it to be.

Where’s your “St. Somewhere?”