Bamboo Bob is a small time DJ broadcasting from his bedroom. When his Trop Rock radio station is nominated for an award, his wild cousin Steve hatches a plan to sneak the pair down to Key West to attend the ceremony, before Bob’s impending job interview.
Along the way Bob gets to meet his musical heroes and see the sights he’s only heard about in songs. Things get complicated when he meets one of his biggest fans who shows him what life in the Keys could be like. Bob finds he has to choose between the life he’s living, or the one beyond the beach he’s only dreamed of.
Featuring Bonus Interviews with Howard Livingston, “Sunny Jim” White, Kelly McGuire, Mike Nash, John Patti, Jimmy Parrish, and Thom Shepherd, and with a soundtrack chock full of incredible Trop Rock music, “Chasing the Sun” is a film for the Tropical state of mind.

This two-disc set includes incredible Bonus features, such as deleted scenes, artist interviews, and a blooper reel.

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