Why I Interviewed Thom Shepherd

One of our favorite parts of Chasing the Sun was getting to know so many talented trop rock artists, and now we get to share the fun with you! This month we’re featuring Thom Shepherd, who added his own flair and talent to our film. Read more about him, and be sure to check out events and more below!

Thom Shepherd is a songwriter at heart. He is somewhat unique in the Trop Rock world in that he had a vibrant career as a songwriter in Nashville prior to going out on tour. Some of the songs he’s written have been massive hits, such as “Riding with Private Malone” and  “Redneck Yacht Club.”

Thom’s been on board the film for a long time. We talked about him writing an original song for the film, but due to scheduling issues, we weren’t able to make it happen. I am pleased that we were able to put his song “Always Saturday Night” into the film. The song is one of my favorites, and is the perfect description of what a first day and night in Key West feel like.

My original goal was to play the song as our main characters are driving down to Key West. Either that, or in one of the many drinking montages. But film editing being what it is, scenes get shuffled and move about. We ended up having the song be the first Trop Rock song played while the characters are on the road. Bob wakes Steve up playing the song on his phone. It seemed like a good way to wake the characters up on their first full day in Florida as they start their journey!

I also used another of Thom’s songs, “Pier Pressure” as the menu background music on the DVD. My editor David picked this song and when I heard the opening of the song on a loop over the menu I thought, “This is perfect!”

What I’m most excited about is that our tour for the film starts with Thom’s “Lone Star Luau” in Marble Falls, Texas, on February 3! There’s a number of acts who are in the film who’ll be playing at the event, including Sunny Jim, John Patti, and of course, Thom himself! 

So will I see you there?! I hope so! Head over to this link and RSVP now!